Ölfilter und Mantelrohr bei den 2V's



ohne Ölkühler: Länge ca. 119mm,
rechteckiger Gummiring an beiden Enden
mit Ölkühler: Länge ca. 134 mm,
ein Gummiring an der Innenseite (vom Deckel weg)
BMW Nr. 11 00 9 056 145: zweiteilig BMW  Nr. 11 00 9 056 146: zweiteilig
Mahle OX 37: zweiteilig, BMW Nr. 11 42 1 337 570 Mahle OX 36 = BMW Nr. 11 42 1 337 575
Mahle OX 35 (07512338): einteilig, BMW Nr. 11 42 1 337 198 BMW  Nr. 11 42 1 335 385
Knecht OX 35 (07788789): einteilig  

Die Sache mit dem Ölfilter-Mantelrohr oder: der "2000-Dollar-O-Ring" ...

... und was es damit auf sich hat

Erfahrungsbericht bezüglich Öldruckverlust:

I have a lipped canister on my 92 GSPD and to complicate things a bit further, mine measures 4.3mm at 3 o'clock and 4.6mm at 9 o'clock. I use 4 shims with no cover gasket (of course). Based on computations (using the 4.3mm depth), I should get the o-ring squashed to 22.5%.

To provide some data which might prove useful to some, I installed an oil pressure gauge with a 0.5-bar switch for the idiot light for that extra margin of safety (vs the usual 0.2-bar BMW switch). These are the readings I got:

During very hot days, I used to get the oil lamp to flicker with the old 0.2 bar oil switch. Now, it doesn't flicker even with the higher 0.5 bar switch installed. Peace of mind is what all these got for me.


Parts list (for GSPD):

  1. 5-bar (or 80 psi) VDO gauge (52 mm). I get more resolution on the lower gauge. The 100 psi gauge is OK too but getting a matching switch with the proper threads might be a challenge. The 150 psi gauge is alright only for seeing pressure with engine cold (way over 80 psi). But with engine hot, one will get maybe a 80 psi max reading. Bought new $2 off eBay
  2. Matching VDO pressure switch (same psi rating and resistance as the chosen gauge). Get the dual-pole type so your idiot lamp still works as well. New off eBay $15. My set-up entailed a separate grounding for the switch. Note that the bulky VDO senders would not fit when directly installed vice the original BMW switch. There would be some interference with the shifter.
  3. High pressure oil hose (length dependent on mounting location of switch) crimped with M12 x 1.5 coarse thread fitting engine-side, and same female fitting switch-side depending on switch's thread spec.
  4. Bit of wiring for a switched connection to ignition ON position. Lighting tapped to light switch. Easy...
  5. Generic gauge holder/cup, 52 mm.

Many of the above are available at e-gauges.com which will give you a good idea of what you need and pricing.

You can see the oil hose/fitting coming off the engine side (under the head).



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